Wendy wendigo

My name is elena melanson legal my pen name is Wendy Wendigo. I am a tattoo lover and designers as well as a musician under the names yeshe sutra Tenzin, circus chomper, and Sufi Spraggah bint Mustafa. I also I am a photography and painter. I also dabble in make up. I am the writer of bump in the night series which currently only on wattpad but will make it to other platforms like Amazon and draft2digital. You can find my page on Facebook. I am also on spacehey. I write to treats my PTSD.


These are my pg rated all ages creepypasta horrors that are inspired my goosebumps and are you afraid of the dark books and show. The are current only Ava on wattpad but will be on Amazon and draft2digital.

Me in rl.